Master Key Suites

Master key suites are an ideal solution for any premises. They are well suited to commerical properties, schools, care homes, apartment blocks, hotels etc.

A Master Key suite gives the customer, their occupants, managers and key holders greater security and ease of access.

Descriptions of Master Keying:

1. Master Key Suite

A number of locks under a single Master Key. Here, all locks/ doors have their own unique key, but can also be operated by the overiding Master Key.

2. Grand Master Key Suite

A number of locks and doors working under one Master Key, but also with a section of cylinders that can be operated by a Sub-Master Key. With this system the master key can open every single door or lock, whilst the sub master will only open a proportion of them. An example of this might be a hotel on two seperate floors, with each floor having it's own cleaner or manager. The owner would want to open all of the doors, where as one manager or cleaner may only need access to the doors on the first floor.

3. Great Grand Master Suite

Similar to a Grand Master Key Suite but with as many sub master sections as required.

Master Key Suites can be built to meet the requirements of your business, school or premises. Contact our Experts on 0151 495 5740 or email

Cylinders start from as little as £15.00 a door.